Whither Blogging?

April 9, 2005

My blogging has dropped off lately. And by “blogging”, I mean both reading and writing, since each informs the other in the blogosphere.

One hindrance is that my news reader, NewsFire, was a free evaluation copy which has expired. I just need to shell out the mon-ay (US$19) and buy a copy, it is such a good program. Of the various readers I have tried, it is the most Mac-like, if you know what I mean.

And I just finished my first week of work. It’s a funny thing, but when you work, you’re supposed to work. So that definitely cuts down on blogging activity.

But even when I’m not at work, I have a lot to do. I have not commented about the church merger. I expected that the merger would lead to some people feeling like their toes got stepped on — it was inevitable. What I didn’t expect was that some of those toes would be Big Toes. Let’s call him BT.

I will not comment on BT’s departure, mainly because the parties concerned (BT and Cornerstone Vineyard) may read this blog, and because I am still good friends with BT. But the upshot is this: BT was in charge of the whole musical worship bag. Now BT is gone. The job falls to me.

So that’s been keeping me busy lately. If I ever get a chance to blog again, I hope to write more about chaordic leadership. Last time I surfed the chaord with our home group . This time will be an interesting contrast because the worship band is centered around a single task, as opposed to home groups (now called by their old Vineyard name “kinships”) which can be more loosey-goosey.

This makes me an “official” and extremely visible leader in a non-emerging church. My challenges:

My “yes”, “maybe” and “doubtful” assessments are simply a reflection of what I am, and am not, in charge of.

But I am having fun!

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

9 responses to Whither Blogging?

  1. I never really liked NewsFire that much. NetNewsWire Lite has more than adequate for my needs. Yeah, there are some bugs (some sites don’t update, others don’t show the article contents preview), but the interface is clean and does just what I want. There are newer builds than the one I’m using (which frankly, appears to be ancient) which are probably even spiffier. And the Lite version is free, free I say!

  2. BTW dude, you used the word blogosphere. If you start talking about “street cred” I will have to mock you the same way I mock Aki. 🙂

  3. I think I stopped using NetNewsWire Lite because it didn’t support Atom feeds at the time. It looks a lot more functional now, and seems easier and more pleasant to use. And the price is good. Thanks for the tip! This will go a long way to improving my street cred.

  4. I never knew I was a Cultural Creative. I thought it was a sort of overt intellectual independence fostered by reading too many National Geographics. 😉
    It is a good start that Cornerstone does not antagonize Cultural Creatives. The Holy Spirit is the best at changing people into being more culturally/globally aware if we first let him and secondly find a way to see the “Global Truth” outside of our American culture. The American sense of entitlement is so off the scale twisted, compared to other cultures, that it distorts every aspect of our life and reasoning capacity.

  5. Cool pic of you bro. Where/how did you get it?
    Surfing all your emergent sites today.
    Love, Helen

  6. David, in some ways, the “cultural creative” thing is just a continuation of the hippie days. So I’d say the shoe fits you. 😉
    And yes, I think Cornerstone Vineyard’s emphasis on humility and mysticism gives it something unique to connect with emerging-types like me.
    Helen, that’s an altered version of my company ID photo. Will Samson gave me the tip of using the Photoshop Artistic Filter “Poster Edges” to achieve that Waking Life look.

  7. Don’t make me come over there! 🙂

  8. Just hearing that cat again….sniff…..the beautiful memories….

  9. …That was supposed to go under the vlog…