“Your old men will dream dreams” Part 1

November 17, 2005

Two weeks ago, two nights in a row, I had dreams. You know — dreams. I didn’t blog them because I wasn’t sure I wanted to make them public. Silly me, I should have at least grabbed a notebook and scribbled with pen and paper.

(Incidentally, the fact that I can recall a dream is my most consistent clue that it is a God-dream. Most dreams fade the moment I wake up. But there are those I remember. I don’t always take them seriously, but share them with Kay and say, “Isn’t that bizarre?” Then she gives me a knowing look and says, “OK, would you like to know what it means?”)

So. I was playing bass in a worship setting and having a good time. We finished the set, and I went over to talk with Regina. She said, “You know, we’ve been working at this for the past 2 years. We believe in it, but no one has acknowledged us and we are tired, just tired!” I was surprised because I know that Regina is not driven by a desire for recognition, but I could understand the frustration I heard.

Then she said, “You know the quarterly magazine we get from our denomination? It used to be so valuable to us, but now we don’t even look at it because it’s no longer helpful. They don’t begin to address what we’re trying to deal with.”

Regina got up to leave, because the dream was done. “Wait!” I called after her. “There is so much I want to ask, you are one of my favorite worship leaders, I am always inspired by what you do, help me!” And I woke up.

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

6 responses to “Your old men will dream dreams” Part 1

  1. so what does it mean?

  2. So the fact that you can remember dreams means that it’s divinely inspired? Ok, so what does this one mean? (I had this a couple of years ago and am still struck by the fact that I remember it and that it was so bizarre.)
    So, for some reason I appear to be in the alps, the Italian alps, I think for some reason that I can’t really explain. But there are stormtroopers there (yeah, the ones from the Lucas movies) amongst the people having their coffee and and enjoying the sunny morning.
    And I appear to be at odds with the stormtroopers. Because for some reason, that I don’t remember I appear to be in a gun battle with them (yup, with blasters). I remember them chasing me uphill.
    And there’s a cable car going up the mountain and I’m chasing after it, because there’s a ladder hanging down from it and it’s moving away from the stormtroopers. And I’m with some Princess Leiaesque woman who is fleeing the stormtroopers with me and we’re both chasing the cable car/ladder. She catches up with the ladder first and goes up it and I follow. And the last thing I remember is she’s above me on the ladder firing her blaster at the storm troopers. And I’m giggling because I’m looking up her skirt during this fight. On a ladder hanging off a cable car. In the alps. Shooting at storm troopers. And that’s evidently when I decided it was a good time to wake up.
    I am unsure what Dr. Freud would make of this.
    I don’t usually remember any dreams. This is probably just as well. Sorry, I guess this probably isn’t as enlightening as your dream.

  3. Jon, Your dream I buy as holy.
    Chris, your dream means that yu got mentally stuck at 8. (whereas I got mentally stuck at 28, which I am not yet, oddly enough.)
    My most memorable dream was one I had when I was like 6. I had it every night for a week.
    I had a favorite teddy bear: Little T. (yes, I had a Big T and I still have him). I *LOVED* this bear. I dreamed that I had magical powers and I accidentally turned him into a hostess cupcacke (the brown ones with the white 2 swirl top), and then I ate him because I didn’t know it was him. Every day, I woke up in a cold sweat and tears for fear of loosing my buddy.
    Like I said, I had this dream every night for a week. The last night, my mom took me to see some old ship that they have in the San Diego harbor and then to Target (it was a big deal back in the day). It was sometime durring this day that I misplaced my best friend.
    I will never forget that dream and how horrifying it was every day when I woke up.
    My second most memorable dream was about **** The next 5 lines are CENSORED, as this is a family blog****. Man, that was a GREAT dream… *dreamy sigh*

  4. BTW, I have NEVER eaten a Hostess cupcake since then. I have a hard time even looking at them, to this day.

  5. Noelle, I can’t blame you – that would scar you for life!

  6. Hi Jon! As a younger adult, I used to enjoy playing about interpreting drawings and handwriting (though I have no real study on theories and other psychology involving this) for my friends.I wonder sometimes if it’s an inborn talent, or something I had acquired by faith. So let me try dreams today, haha! As I read your dream, the following things came to mind:
    *Playing music in your dreams (just as you fondly do in real life) represents the joy that stems from seeming to be doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time. The setting that you’re in somehow is an acknowledgement of the importance you place in spirituality — enlightment and guidance. To me it is representative of the values and other things you hold sacred.
    *The second part to that same situation (with Regina) could be something you are questioning and debating where you are headed to (in whichever aspect you decide to attach this to)
    *The vividness (is that a word??) of the dream might be relating to the urgency of this matter, that perhaps Regina has the ability to help you with. Maybe she thinks of some things that you consciously agree to, and would like to pursue?
    *And by Regina leaving that door, could be a sign that the ability to reach those aspirations, actually lie within you.
    So effect that change. Now. 🙂
    I’m not sure know how this connects or what they can mean to you, but I hope in someway it can provide a form of amusement if not some revelations. 🙂