“Your old men will dream dreams” Part 2

November 29, 2005

I know I’m missing some this dream because I didn’t write it down soon enough, but here’s the gist of it…

The night after my previous dream, I was once again in a worship setting. This time it was practice. I was earnestly trying to share my vision with the band, but they didn’t seem interested and were easily distracted. As I spoke, there was a noise by the back door where we enter the building on practice nights, and in came a rumbling cart pushed by somebody. The cart had a bunch of old PCs on them — not only were they not Macs, but they were really, really old.

The contents of the cart totally captured the band. They ooh’d and ahh’d, and I was quite discouraged that I couldn’t hold their attention.

Then in walks the guy who hired me for my previous job. He is a director of quality engineering at Adobe, and is both technical and musical. The others don’t notice him, but as he walks by me he asks, “Aren’t they listening to you?” Then, turning to face me, he causes me to look into his eyes, and I am riveted. Even in the dream, I recognize that I am looking into the eyes of God.

And he says, “They will.” And I wake up.

Jon Reid

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As an American missionary kid who grew up in Japan, I'm a child of two cultures, while not fully belonging to either. This gives me a sightly different view of the world.

5 responses to “Your old men will dream dreams” Part 2

  1. Whoa. Are you saying Lee is God in your dream?

  2. Wow, that is really powerful Jon. I am praying that those who listen to you will look through your worship into the eyes of God.

  3. You have my attention.

  4. its funny how rich our worship heritage is in the vineyard… recently i have pulled out some 80’s -90’s o’skool vineyard, and have been ohhing and ahinnnnnnnng over them too…
    but there is so much more in those albums than crappy saxophones… you know? its like there is this whole experience in them, and a wooing of the spirit… a way to physically experience god
    i can’t wait for you to teach that listening ears…

  5. It looks to me like there is something new coming for the team (or perhaps is already at hand), though you will initially be alone in seeing that much of what they have gravitated towards is “old manna”, so to speak. Don’t be discouraged, be gentle as the Lord works in the situation and allow Him to promote what He is doing. Fast and pray, bro, fast and pray.